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Inhomogeneous Cosmologies IV work space

Basic introduction to UNIX-like shells and programming

  • You need a laptop (during the workshop) running a UNIX-like operating system such as GNU/Linux, GNU/kFreeBSD, OSX (UNIX/FreeBSD)
  • If you are a newbie to anything numerical (if you don't know what a "terminal" is, and how to use it), please see try one (either) of these introductory tutorials:

  • For the afternoon tutorials we assume that you know how to:
    • use a terminal (change directories, rename files/directories, copy and move files around, etc.)
    • use in-terminal text editors (your long-term interest is to learn either emacs or vi)
    • all of which is covered in detail in the above tutorials smile

Before the numerical sessions

Einstein Toolkit Tutorial

gevolution hackathon

inhomog/reproducible paper hackathon

  1. Browse through the README at https://bitbucket.org/broukema/1902.09064
  2. Either git clone the file distribution (search for the "Clone" button for hints) or download it by navigating to the Downloads button and choosing your preferred download method.
  3. Read the README more carefully and after a little checking and try installing system-level "native" packages using sudo, either with the main script or by reading the script and doing this by hand
  4. Run the main script as described in the README and within about half an hour you should have reproduced statistically equivalent tables and plots to those in https://arXiv.org/abs/1902.09064 , with you in full control of all the software involved.
  5. If you have found a bug, then first make notes in a file (using a text editor) to see if the bug is reproducible so that you can provide a useful bug report. The post it as an "Issue" at bitbucket and use face-to-face interaction to encourage others to try to solve the bug.

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